#7: Beyoncé “Doctor Strange” (2016)

#7: Beyoncé “Doctor Strange” (2016)

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#7: Beyoncé “Doctor Strange” (2016)


#7: Beyoncé “Doctor Strange” (2016)
Beyoncé While studying at Kamar-Taj, Stephen Strange meets the librarian Wong, whose single name causes the doctor to relate him to several famous people with mononyms, like Adele and Aristotle. In a later scene, he asks for advanced books that Wong says he isn’t ready for.


Benedict Cumberbatch ad-libbed the line “try me, Beyoncé,” going on to express his disbelief that Wong hasn’t heard of her. This ad-lib clearly influenced additional parts of the film too, as a later scene shows Wong listening to the Beyoncé song “Single Ladies” while Dr. Strange steals books from behind him.




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