#2: Weasel Insults Deadpool  “Deadpool” (2016)

#2: Weasel Insults Deadpool  “Deadpool” (2016)


#2: Weasel Insults Deadpool  “Deadpool” (2016)



#2: Weasel Insults Deadpool  “Deadpool” (2016)
Weasel Insults Deadpool Becoming a superhero isn’t always easy or pain-free, and Wade Wilson definitely gets the short end of the ugly stick when he’s given healing abilities that also leave him disfigured. Upon revealing his face to his friend Weasel, the bartender proceeds to come up with a variety of colorful,

Weasel Insults Deadpool

creative ways to tell him how unpleasant he looks. All of these imaginative invectives were invented by T.J. Miller and Ryan Reynolds themselves, with even more of their insults appearing in deleted scenes, outtakes, and trailers.




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