Kwort 4.3.3 Has been Released

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Kwort 4.3.3 Has been Released


Kwort 4.3.3 Has been Released

Kwort 4.3.3 Kwort is a modern and fast Linux distribution that combines powerful and useful applications in order to create a simple system for advanced users who finds a strong and effective desktop. Kwort is based on CRUX, so it's robust, clean and easy to extend.

, this was supposed to happen, our system has highly increased it's size. Not that too many dependencies were added, but LLVM, which huge, is now part of the standard image. Hopefully we'll have again one compiler in the future, but for now we need two. Having said that the system keeps being simple and fast and with everything on the right spot. Most significant technical aspects are:

Kwort 4.3.3

  • Linux kernel 4.14.40. New toolchain with glibc 2.27, gcc 7.3.0 and binutils 2.29.1.
  • New kpkg has some new features and new documented (in the man page) variables to make it less error prone and more automated.
  • Official kdb file is now included in the kpkg package, so no need to download it and install it manually anymore.
  • Chromium 65.0.3325.181. Brave 0.22.22 available in the mirror. Firefox has been left out.
  • Kwort-choosers package are a new in-house tool to implements user interaction with dmenu for choosing browsers or interacting with mocp.

As usual, I would like to thank the people who helps making Kwort on every step they help:

  • The infrastructure maintainers, PGHosting (this site and master server) and Ricardo Brisighelli for the package mirror at UNR.
  • Andreas Schipplock who is now paying for domain.
  • Gonzalo Navarro for doing such a great job on testing the different releases candidates we had till get to final and building packages. Gonzalo is also going to host a package mirror with different software (lechuck.kdb).
  • The CRUX folks for developing it, as it's Kwort's base.

And of course, the people who develop every project Kwort makes use of. THANK YOU!

If you want to join our mailing list, please do it at: Come and chat with other Kwort users on IRC at: irc://

You can get the latest Kwort from here:

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