Mayday Content Update Available Now

Mayday Content Update Available Now

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Mayday Content Update Available Now

New Update Includes New Maps, Weapons, and an Undead Kill Event

Mayday Content Update Available Now

(May 15, 2018) War Rock’s new Mayday Update is available now. Several additions have come to the game this month, promising something new for every soldier:

  • The new Warehouse Map is now available on the CQC channel. A free Map Kill Event Box can be earned for every 10 kills made on this map.

  • Two more maps, Malta and Banish Garden, have been added to the rotation for the popular new Stealth Mode.

  • Stylish new ‘Evil Eye’ weapons are now available from Class Boxes. The Military Supply and Lucky Break Boxes have also had their contents revamped.

  • The Undead Kill Event is back, offering big rewards for taking down as many zombies as possible on the PVE channel.

The full details of the new content, plus recent system changes, community events, and a trio of new achievements, can be found through the update website link below.


Mayday Update Page


War Rock is a free-to-play FPS game for Windows operating systems. It is accessed through a downloadable game client and requires an Internet connection to play.


About Vertigo Games:

Founded in 2006, Vertigo Games is a game development company specializing in deep and competitive online first-person shooter games. Vertigo Games’ first FPS title, BlackShot, is a military-concept, fast-paced, competitive FPS set in a dystopian capitalist future. Initially launched Korea in 2008, BlackShot is now enjoyed by players in Singapore, Malaysia and 42 European regions across two dedicated game clients.


About Papaya Play:

Founded in 2016, Papaya Play is the unified web launch portal of Vertigo Games America, Inc. Through Papaya Play, Vertigo Games provides quality service for users of its currently supported titles, BlackShot, Dekaron, La Tale, War Rock, and Uncharted Waters Online. The Papaya Play team is comprised of experienced publishers and talented individuals who strive daily to maintain a standard of excellence.



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