10 Cupcakes VR Game Beta Testing Starts Now

10 Cupcakes VR Game Beta Testing Starts Now

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10 Cupcakes VR Game Beta Testing Starts Now

10 Cupcakes VR Game Beta Testing Starts Now

10 Cupcakes VR Game Beta  San Francisco. May 13th, 2018. Repulse announces their new Sci Fi VR adventure game will start closed beta testing now. The first 100 applicants will be admitted for free into the closed beta. The game requires either Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. To get free steam keys for the closed beta, please join the Discord Group at https://discord.gg/5zSeTVp



10 Cupcakes VR Game Beta

The closed beta test will feature the following:

Simple easy to use controls
A physics based punching system
A world where your weapons can destroy almost anything
Flying Vehicles
A tape player based interactive story (optional)
5 boss fights
An interactive VR Strip Club with a VIP room
Extra Unlockable Features via minigame

“We wanted to make a VR game with all of the things that we love about Sci-Fi: a new world to explore, scary aliens, futuristic weapons, flying vehicles, a compelling story, and of course sexy sci-fi babes.” said Vita Gaurilkaite, manager, Repulse. “We are proud to announce that we are ready to show all of these things to our beta testers.”

For press related inquiries :

Vita Gaurilkaite
Global PR Manager, Repulse
E-mail: [email protected]

Repulse Website:

Presskit URL:

About Repulse:

Repulse is a VR game development studio in Bulgaria with a main focus of building immersive virtual reality experiences which combine both action and story. 10 cupcakes will be published by Stara Zagora Holdings, LLC an independent San Francisco based game publishing company.


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