Football Team Management Mobile Game Champion Eleven Announces Global Launch Time

Football Team Management Mobile Game Champion Eleven Announces Global Launch Time

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Football Team Management Mobile Game Champion Eleven Announces Global Launch Time


Football Team Management Mobile Game Champion Eleven Announces Global Launch Time

Shanghai – May 11, 2018 – It’s a good time to be a football fan. The World Cup is fast approaching, and Champion Eleven, a new football management mobile game, has just announced its global launch date will be 18th May. The FIFPro-authorized football sim offers players an exciting new way to get in on the action, using real information from hundreds of football clubs, including the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, and more—providing more than 60,000 internationally renowned footballers for players to choose from. With the guidance of global spokesman and Manchester City Football Club head coach Pep Guardiola, the player training system and tactical arrangement system of Champion Eleven have achieved a perfectly authentic, can’t-miss mobile reproduction of real football.

Whether your football is real or simulated, players are always the cornerstones of the team. Thanks to FIFPro, Champion Eleven supplies players with the portraits and information of more than 60,000 active footballers, ensuring that gamers will be able to build and play with their dream team. Champion Eleven uses the world’s most advanced player dynamic capture technology combined with real AI technology, guaranteeing an authentic gameplay experience with natural and fluid actions on a realistic playing field. Messi’s superb free kick, Ibrahimovic’s ultra-difficult scorpion swings, and Ronaldo’s iconic celebration are all rendered in perfect, meticulous detail.

Just like in real football, players need to train to reach peak performance. There are two main ways to get a player’s wearable skills: on the training field, and in PvP ranked competition. Through the club’s training field function, players can work to enhance their footballers’ specific skills. The player will obtain skill cards after completing their training, which will then be equipped in the player’s property bar. In the PvP competition mode, players can improve their team’s skills by participating in a real-time match against another player. The winning player earns gold medals, which can be redeemed for skill cards. The higher the level of the skill cards, the more gold medals a player will need.

As any real football fan knows, it takes a lot more than good players to make a good team. In fact, if the player is the cornerstone of football, then the formation is the soul of football. Under the guidance of legendary coach Guardiola, the game simulation has established a scientific and changeable formation system. First, the players are divided into 13 positions, as a striker (offense), midfielder (organization), backfield (arrangement defense), and goalkeeper (gatekeeper) according to the position of the court. Second, there are more than a dozen types of footballers in the game that can be selected by players, which cover the most mainstream formations in today’s football world—traditional formations such as 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, and 4-4-2, as well as the less popular form of 5-4-1. Players can determine their tactical system based on their specific team lineup, and make changes throughout the course of the match to optimize their team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Before each game, players can view the opposing team’s formation and formulate corresponding tactics in response. In the game, the player can devise strategies and adjust rotations and tactics at any time.

Champion Eleven is not like most basic football games, where a simple lucky shot can steal the entire game. It requires tactical thinking, flexibility, and improvisation, providing a realistic team management experience for football lovers everywhere.

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