Chewie Becomes Han’s Wingman in SOLO

Chewie Becomes Han’s Wingman in SOLO


Chewie Becomes Han’s Wingman in SOLO


Chewie Becomes Han’s Wingman in SOLO

Han’s Wingman Han and Chewbacca may be two fabled flying partners in the Star Wars universe, but they weren’t always that way.

A new clip from Solo: A Star Wars Story shows the exact moment when Chewie officially takes the co-pilot’s seat on the Millennium Falcon.

In the video (featured at the top of the post), Han originally has Qi’ra in the co-pilot’s seat, but she’s not exactly ship savvy.


Han’s Wingman

When Han gives her a command, she has no idea what to do. Thankfully, Chewie is there and he’s got plenty of flying expertise over the course of his very long life!

We were skeptical about this one, but each new clip is getting us more excited than the last. Perhaps thanks to the direction of Ron Howard, who got a lot of support from longtime friend and universe creator George Lucas.


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Chewie Becomes Han’s Wingman in SOLO 5

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