Blood Ancestors Available on Steam Open Alpha

Blood Ancestors Available on Steam Open Alpha

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Blood Ancestors Available on Steam Open Alpha

Blood Ancestors Available on Steam Open Alpha

Blood Ancestors is an upcoming Hero Arena FPS made in Unreal Engine 4.
Blood Ancestors is a team-based competitive e-sports style FPS set in a medieval fantasy world. Fight in 4 v 4 teams to defeat your enemies and capture the relic.

We would be delighted if you would check the game out and for that purpose, we have started to deliver free weekend events under the Open Alpha version of the game.

The next event will take place during May 11the 18:00 PM to May 14th 8:00 AM(GMT+1), in which we expect you to join us to check out the progress and development of the game.

Developer: Snowpeak Studio |  Release date 2018 | Platforms: Steam | Regular Price: $19.95 |

Arhan: The Bloodied are expelled from their world for playing with the dark arts and believing themselves superior to the Relic cult. They search for fodder until arriving in Vetland.

They discover a world devastated due to multiple wars between two factions, Light and Darkness. Promising that they would be able to repair their world with the power of the Relic, they are transported to Vetland to be used as an army.

Light: The fools, they want to use the promised power to repair Vetland.

Darkness: Their true intentions are to use the power to permanently surrender the Light to them. They are also interested in the dark arts of the Bloodied.

Take part in a war like no other in Blood Ancestors.

·  Unique melee combat
· Team-Based competitive first-person multiplayer gameplay
·  Action set in a medieval fantasy world
·  3 factions, 6 character types, and 18 different classes
·  Full skill configuration
·  Different skins and colors for each class


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