April’s fate revealed Sarah Drew exits Grey’s Anatomy

April’s fate revealed Sarah Drew exits Grey’s Anatomy

May 12, 2018 0 By FandomFare

April’s fate revealed Sarah Drew exits Grey’s Anatomy


April's fate revealed Sarah Drew exits Grey's Anatomy

April’s fate revealed Dark’s Anatomy is notable for it’s tragic, obliterating finales that fundamentally everything except ensure fans will state goodbye to no less than one character.

What’s more, since fans heard that Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw – who play Dr April Kepner and Dr Arizona Robbins – are leaving the show toward the finish of this season, there has been a lot of hypothesis that one of the cherished specialists would meet their producer.

Particularly after the promo for the latest scene implied at something terrible for April.


April’s fate revealed

After some unfortunate scenes, April has a pulse by and by.

April is moved into her healing facility bed, where fundamentally it appears like each specialist in Gray Sloan Memorial is remaining adjacent to her as they endure to discover in the event that she will wake up.

Arizona uncovers that April had Matthew had subtly gotten back together, and that they were very love, before everybody chooses to allow Jackson to sit unbothered in the room.

He begs God to spare April, saying that he will put stock in God, he’ll do anything he needs to – similarly as long as he doesn’t take April.

What’s more, by the scene’s end and despite seemingly insurmountable opposition, April presses Jackson’s hand as her eyes open.


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