AT&T/Cohen deal shouldn’t influence Time Warner trial

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AT&T/Cohen deal shouldn't influence Time Warner trial

 AT&T/Cohen deal shouldn't influence Time Warner trial


AT&T/Cohen deal shouldn't influence Installments that AT&T made to President Trump's own legal advisor aren't probably going to have any bearing on the judge's choice in a point of interest antitrust trial, Cowen says.

The result - neglecting to impact the White House's position on the proposed $85B obtaining of Time Warner  - makes it a "canine nibbles man" story for investigator Paul Gallant. It's implausible to think Judge Richard Leon would have decided for AT&T however would now alter his opinion subsequent to finding out about the Cohen bargain, he says. (h/t Bloomberg)

AT&T may have moved toward other Trump partners for data around the time it paid Cohen, The Daily Beast says, including the firm of previous Trump battle chief Corey Lewandowski

AT&T/Cohen deal shouldn't influence

In mid 2017 AT&T was in converses with Lewandowski's Avenue Strategies, which was showcasing its support with the Trump White House to customers.

As indicated by the report, AT&T and Avenue talked about an arrangement that would pay the firm around $40,000/month yet would not involve official campaigning - a structure like the organization's arrangement with Cohen.


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