Anime Mecha Shoot ‘em Up ‘Project Nimbus: Code Mirai’ Set to Spread its Wings on Monday as it Launches Worldwide and Sequel is Revealed

Anime Mecha Shoot ‘em Up ‘Project Nimbus: Code Mirai’ Set to Spread its Wings on Monday as it Launches Worldwide and Sequel is Revealed

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Anime Mecha Shoot ‘em Up ‘Project Nimbus: Code Mirai’ Set to Spread its Wings on Monday as it Launches Worldwide and Sequel is Revealed

Project Nimbus: Code Mirai launches globally on Monday as the development team announce the next game in the universe, ‘Project Nimbus Infinity.’


May 11, 2018, Phuket, Thailand: KISS Publishing Ltd., GameTomo and GameCrafterTeam are thrilled to announce that Project Nimbus: Code Mirai will launch worldwide on Monday following a hugely successful launch in the UK and US last month. Players across the globe can prepare for some high octane mecha action when Code Mirai lands on PlayStation Stores everywhere. GameCrafterTeam can also reveal that development has begun on the next title in the popular Project Nimbus franchise, ‘Project Nimbus Infinity.’

Check out the concept art for Project Nimbus Infinity here.

Project Nimbus Infinity has officially entered pre production and whilst details are yet to be revealed, the game is set to take place 21 years after Project Nimbus and looks to improve upon the already fantastic mecha action offered in the first game. In the meantime PS4 players everywhere are invited to enter the post apocalyptic skies of Project Nimbus: Code Mirai when it launches beyond the US and UK on Monday.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Project Nimbus launched onto Steam Early Access in 2014 and received a flurry of huge updates leading up to the official launch in September. After Project Nimbus entered Early Access it received 15 new exhilarating missions, devastating weapon variants for your Battle Frame, powerful new machine enemies and endless gameplay updates to streamline the Project Nimbus experience. The first two acts of Project Nimbus are now available in Project Nimbus: Code Mirai, completely redesigned to take full advantage of the power of the PS4.

“We’re so excited to begin production on Project Nimbus Infinity, the success of Project Nimbus on PC and PS4 has completely blown us away, and means we have the opportunity to create something truly exceptional with our next title.” Said Pawee Pakamekanon, Project Leader at GameCrafterTeam.

“Project Nimbus is set to be a flagship franchise for KISS, and we couldn’t be happier to be delivering Code Mirai to mecha fans across the globe on Monday,” said Darryl Still, Co-Founder and CEO of KISS Publishing Ltd. “We’re thrilled to continue working with GameCrafterTeam on Infinity and can’t wait to reveal more about the game.”

Watch the trailer for Project Nimbus: Code Mirai here and download the latest assets here.

Learn more about Project Nimbus: Code Mirai here

To find out when the next two chapters of Project Nimbus: Code Mirai will be released follow Project Nimbus on Twitter and Facebook

About GameCrafterTeam

GameCrafterTeam is a small pioneering indie studio based in Phuket, Thailand. Mecha flying action shoot ‘em up Project Nimbus is their first game to launch on Steam, and one of very few titles out of Thailand to do so.

About KISS Publishing Ltd.

Launched in 2012 by Peter King and Darryl Still, KISS Publishing Ltd. is made up of video games industry veterans from Atari, Sega, Eidos, Electronic Arts, Activision and Codemasters with more than 100 years combined experience in the industry and specialises in the publishing of independently developed games for digital download.

KISS are the indie game experts having guided more titles through Steam Early Access and to a full release than any other publisher which is a testament to the quality of their games and the unrivalled support they offer developers.

Since its inception the team has experienced consistent year on year growth and recently launched their first wholly owned IP. In 2017 KISS moved into console to meet the needs of their developers and celebrated their first title to break 2m in revenue.

About GameTomo

GameTomo is a team of dedicated indie developers and publishers located in Tokyo, Japan. GameTomo worked closely with GameCrafterTeam to bring Project Nimbus onto the PS4 in the form of Project Nimbus: Code Mirai, successfully released in Japan in November of 2017.


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