ZTE goes dormant as U.S. ban takes hold


ZTE goes dormant as U.S. ban takes hold

ZTE goes dormant ZTE  confronting a seven-year prohibition on purchasing parts from U.S. firms - says its significant tasks have stopped.

"Starting at now, the organization keeps up adequate money and entirely clings to its business commitments subject to consistency with laws and controls," it says in a documenting, taking note of what it's working effectively to endeavor to turn around the boycott.

The organization's even begun pulling its telephones from Chinese stores, Telecoms.com notes.

ZTE goes dormant

ZTE's shutdown comes weeks after the company has hit with a ban by the US Department of Commerce which effectively ended its sales in the country, as well as blocked ZTE from working with American suppliers.

This followed the revelation that ZTE had flouted a US order by shipping US-made components to Iran and North Korea in 2017. The company was forced to pay a $1.2 billion fine, fired four senior employees and hit 35 others with wage and bonus restrictions.

The UK government also revealed it was uncertain about ZTE shortly after, with the NCSC issuing a warning to UK telcos urging them not to use ZTE equipment.

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