Pinguy OS 18.04 Beta

Pinguy OS 18.04 Beta

Linux Distribution

Pinguy OS 18.04 Beta


Pinguy OS 18.04 Beta

Pinguy OS 18.04 Beta This is the beta, still a little bit buggy but getting closer to a final.

Fixed the naming and logo in gnome control center and other branding issues.

Fixed the cursor theme so it works with Shell (dragging icons).

Removed Docky and replaced it with Simple Dock & Places Status Indicator extension

Pinguy OS 18.04 Beta

Audio levels can go past 100% by default.

Made the Wayland session work with root app.

Reduced the size of the ISO.

Reduced memory footprint.

To turn the Beta mini into Beta Full install these apps:

sudo apt-get install variety steam playonlinux pinta shotwell rapid-photo-downloader deluge empathy remmina skypeforlinux xchat calibre libreoffice libreoffice-gnome libreoffice-gtk libreoffice-style-sifr wxbanker handbrake brasero clementine devede gtkpod openshot spotify-client-gnome-support gnome-exe-thumbnailer nemo-dropbox telegram

sudo snap install wavebox

sudo snap install discord

Reduced memory footprint.DownloadPinguy_OS_18.04_Beta_x86-64.iso

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