2023: Will You Take Uber’s Flying Taxi?

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2023: Will You Take Uber's Flying Taxi?

2023: Will You Take Uber's Flying Taxi?

Uber's flying taxi is no more a concept, but a reality today. At the Uber Elevate Summit, the company said five aerospace companies such as Embraer, Pipistrel, Karem, Aurora Flight and Bell are working to make it a reality.

Uber discussed its substantial progress in electric Vertical Take off and Landing or VTOL aircraft development. The company is planning to create infrastructure such as Vertiports and Vertistops atop high-rise downtown buildings.

The ride-sharing app company is envisaging future travel from San Francisco's Marina to San Jose in peak hours in 15 minutes. The 55.4 mile distance is usually covered by cars in two hours 12 minutes. Now a UberX is charging $111. The flying taxi might charge $129 initially, but in the long-term, Uber expects to reduce the charges to $20.

The ride-sharing VTOL network's commercial operation is expected to be in place in 2023, for which, the testing will start in 2020. Elevate also discussed the investment opportunities in urban air mobility and on-demand aviation ecosystem.

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