Cannerian Tale Announced for Release in May 2018.

Cannerian Tale Announced for Release in May 2018.

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Cannerian Tale Announced for Release in May 2018.

A Visual Novel Game Full of Cute Fruits and Vegetable Characters.



Cannerian Tale Announced for Release in May 2018.

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – May 8, 2018 – Vegetables and fruits may be too healthy for everyone’s taste, but what if they come in cute forms? Total of 35 adorable farm produce, such as strawberry, lemon and peach, are soon-ready to get adopted.

Slightly different from humans, these characters, known as ‘Cannerians’, are creatures who are born from tin cans. You can incubate a can, and a random Cannerian will come out once the can hatches. You can collect all 35 of them, and create a beautiful town for them to live.

About the game
A visual novel game set in a land called ‘Kriyani’: a land where cute, adorable fruit characters, known as ‘Cannerians’ live. Due to a tragic event, there had been a dip in Cannerian population. Thus, a small number of humans are chosen to adopt the Cannerians in order to help rebuild their race.


  • Storyline with 35 different Cannerian characters and illustrations.
  • You can have Cannerians walking on your phone screen, even when your game is off (Only available on Android system.)
  • A town, where your Cannerians and pets can roam.
  • Send them on an adventure to bring back loot bags.

Game information
Platform: Mobile (iOS and Android)
Developer: Day7
Languages: English, Traditional Chinese
Release date: 17th May 2018

About the company
Founded in 2011 by Jang Seok-ha, Day7 strives to create games which both male and female can enjoy. Awarded for Best Ads by Unity in year 2016, the company is most renowned for creating story games. Day7’s top hit, Marked by King Bs (KO: 일진에게 찍혔을때), became the first and only dating simulation game in South Korea to reach a total of 2 million downloads on Google Play and App Store within a short period of time. Day7 will continue to pursue its dream of creating story games which can display an everyday life in Korea.







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