Pinguy OS 18.04 Alpha

Linux Distribution

Pinguy OS 18.04 Alpha

very early alpha. There is going to be bugs.

Pinguy OS 18.04 This is basically the Mini. All it really has installed is Firefox, VLC and Deluge.

Docky is very unstable. It crashes often but its run from a script that will restart it if it crashes.

Peerflix is installed and working.

Pinguy OS 18.04

Some of the default Gnome apps have been replaced with MATE versions. I really did not like the new Gedit so replaced it with Pluma. If you use the Gedit command it will open Pluma. That is so all the guides on the forum and other sites that use Gedit in their guides will work fine.

Have a play with it and let me know what you think. Its still in the early stages but the foundations to build the full version are almost there.

Download the live DVD image


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