Race into VR with Race for the Galaxy on Oculus today!

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Race into VR with Race for the Galaxy on Oculus today!

Race into VR with Race for the Galaxy on Oculus today!

Temples Gates Games brings acclaimed boardgame Race for the Galaxy to Oculus VR headsets GoRift, and Gear. The game is available standalone for $6.99 or can be purchased as part of the Oculus Games with Friends social VR pack.

VR players can join in with the existing mobile and PC boardgame community to play together across platforms. Temple Gates Games is kicking off weekly events for Race for the Galaxy, so hop into a game this Sunday 5/6 at 7:00pm PDT with VRiOSAndroid, or Steam.

Race for the Galaxy uses machine learning for its AI. Typically digital boardgames use heuristic driven AI, which don’t often offer meaningful challenges to experienced players. Race for the Galaxy brings temporal difference learning to VR with its AI powered by neural network. Using reinforcement learning, this AI is one of the first examples of a neural network in production for games working successfully. Cranked to its most difficult setting, this AI ranks above the 97th percentile of players.

We made this game in VR because boardgames are typically taught by one player to another. They’re most fun to learn sitting around a kitchen table and in VR, that table can stretch halfway around the globe. Now players can jack in and learn how to play from a friend who can explain the game from a completely different timezone.

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