TurnKey v15.0 RC1 is LIVE

TurnKey v15.0 RC1 is LIVE

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TurnKey v15.0 RC1 is LIVE

TurnKey v15.0 RC1 is LIVE

TurnKey v15.0  Jeremy Davis has declared the accessibility of the principal discharge contender for TurnKey Linux 15.0, a forthcoming new form of the venture’s arrangement of virtual apparatuses intended for profoundly particular disjoins: “It is with awesome joy that I report the arrival of Core 15.0RC1 and TKLDev 15.0RC1. With Debian Stretch out now for around 8 months,

TurnKey v15.0

I had would have liked to have this discharge completed long prior and maybe even be chipping away at v15.1. Yet, sadly, wishes and expectations don’t generally have much to do with reality. While I’ve pretty much been in the discharge improvement driver situate since 14.0, this discharge has been my first full advancement of a TurnKey OS base change. Alon did the vast majority of the underlying improvement work moving from a Wheezy base to Jessie, for Core and TKLDev 14.0RC1. It required me significantly more exertion that I had foreseen. We’ve now gone from Debian 8/Jessie (premise of 14.x) to 9/Stretch (premise of 15.x).”

Download the RCs and help us test them

Core (64bit / amd64 build):  252MB ISO  ( changelog ,  hash file ,  manifest )

TKLDev (64bit / amd64 build):  301MB ISO  ( changelog ,  hash file ,  manifest )

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