Linux Porteus-v4.0 is released!

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Linux Porteus-v4.0 is released!

Linux Porteus-v4.0 is released!

 immediatly availabile Linux Porteus-v4.0 final in SEVEN desktop flavours.
You can download the releases at any of our mirrors in the following folders:



Core is based on Slackware current
7 desktop options to choose from!
New configuration file at porteus/porteus-v4.0-x86_64.cfg which replaces the .sgn file and can hold cheatcodes. One per line.
New update-browser feature to update or download your preferred browser (available in GUI)
Support for EFI (using syslinux for both BIOS and EFI boots) Only one config file now exists for both methods: /mnt/sdXY/boot/syslinux/porteus.cfg
New Porteus update feature built in to update the base modules
Intel microcode available in boot folder (load with initrd=/boot/syslinux/intel-ucode.cpio,/boot/syslinux/initrd.xz in boot line)


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