Linux Voyager Live 18.04 Released

Linux Voyager Live 18.04 Released

Linux Distribution

Linux Voyager Live 18.04 Released

Linux Voyager Live 18.04 Released

Voyager 18.04 LTS with a 3-year LTS long-term support, until April 2021. A variant based on (X) Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic Beaver) with the XFCE desktop and version 4.15 of the Linux kernel. A project was done by a team whose I always thank the valuable work. Attention, Voyager is only a pushed variant of Xubuntu. The entire internal structure of (X) Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is left by default to avoid any security issues and packages. All updates come from official Ubuntu.

Voyager 18.04 LTS is multi-profiles and multitasking in an aesthetic and immersive environment as much as possible and this, since the origins of Voyager, so that the time spent on your machine is more enjoyable. In summary, the general idea is that for each profile, we would have available standard options that we can or can not activate.

"So of course, this project is not going to please everyone, especially for those who are looking for minimalist with a few pitchers or those who want to do everything for themselves, which I respect, but it is better for them to change their minds. distribution in order to avoid unnecessary disappointments. Know that it does not bother me at all. My goal is to share an adventure in the heart of digital with as much passion as respect for the charter of freedom, sadly trampled on the image of the man of today. But nothing is lost, the battle does not begin. "

Voyager 18.04 LTS based on (X) Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver) will have cycle 2 years before the next LTS and 3 years of supports and updates for Xubuntu LTS until 2021 , for information it is 5 years of support for the official Ubuntu with gnome-shell. New for some time: Voyager stops short cycles of 6 months to focus on the LTS 2 years with patches and patches available during these 2 years or other versions. LTS Long-term support doc here here Long-Term Sustained Versions (LTS) doc fr here


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