Fist of Truth Officially Launched for iOS and Android

Fist of Truth Officially Launched for iOS and Android

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Fist of Truth Officially Launched for iOS and Android

Two-minute duel CCG featured globally on Google Play

Fist of Truth Officially Launched for iOS and Android
HONG KONG –  April 27, 2018 – CCGs are having a moment. However, some players find themselves wary of the time they have to sink into the game. Fist of Truth, a turn-based strategy card collecting board game, is a good choice for players who want the experience of a CCG without the overwhelming time investment. Featuring a unique condensed battle system, Fist of Truth offers quick matches against both AI and other players, with each battle lasting no more than two minutes.

Check out the new trailer here:  

Fist of Truth is a turn-based CCG utilizing a nine-rectangle grid and featuring more than 600 different cards from seven distinct categories: Quadruple Radiance Empire, Roughrock Weald, Inferno, Deus of Winter’s Apostle, Zen Valley, Recluse, and Paradise Harbour. Players can focus their deck in one category, or strategically combine two to support their offensive and defensive strategies. The game requires players to master a series of challenges to unlock the next level of play, honing their skills and gaining experience as they go. With both PvP and PvE modes, players will find plenty of competition.

The game features uniquely stylized cartoon graphics, an original interface, and a record and replay function, so you can post your awesome moves or watch other players and gather inspiration for your own deck.

You can find more game updates and events via Facebook page.

To celebrate the official release, the Fist of Truth Facebook page has organized a time-limited event called “My Moment with FOT”. Share your special in-game moment with FOT for the chance to receive in-game rewards, Google Play or Apple Store card, and even Amazon gift cards up to $1000! You can find more rule and gift details here.


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