The ZombiED are coming… It’s almost time to save the world!

The ZombiED are coming… It’s almost time to save the world!

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The ZombiED are coming… It’s almost time to save the world!

The ZombiED are coming… It’s almost time to save the world!

The forthcoming mobile smash ZombiED is just around the corner. Developed by Ohio based indie outfit, zinWorks Studios, the fun-filled 3D tower-defense game is coming to Android and iOS devices this May!

Staff and students of the Wallace R. Martin Memorial School have been infected by a mysterious pathogen and it’s up to you to prevent the outbreak from turning the whole world into mindless zombies.

Use items found around the school to place deadly weapons and defend against the horde of incoming zombies.
Survive 13 action packed levels of mayhem in this fun-filled tower-defense strategy hit from zinWorks Studios.

  • School-time towers:

Pencil projectiles, Laser pen destruction and even the well-used Coffee pot.

  • Dangerous zombie classes:

Stand your ground against the Bully, outsmart the Geek and take down the old Janitor as you defend against over 20 zombie types

  • Full 3D locations:

Secure the cafeteria, reinforce the classrooms and stop the zombies from escaping the parking lot.

  • Save civilization:

Defend against thousands of zombies across 13 unique levels. With 9 crazy towers at your disposal.

  • Total Immersion:

Three-dimensional movement and sound offer unparalleled immersion like never before.

Do you have what it takes to defeat all 24 zombie types?

Launch Trailer :
ZombiED mailing list :

ZombiED is the first release from zinWorks Studios and you’re going to love taking down the zombie’s we’ve filled with our own blood, sweat and tears.

About zinWorks Studios.
Hi from zinWorks Studios,
First we would like to thank you for your interest in ZombiED. We specialize in the development and creation of video games. Our team consists of many diversified minds that when put together, can achieve nearly anything. Our goal here at zinWorks is to capture and create top of the line video games that anyone and everyone can have an amazing experience playing.

You can join us on the following platforms
Facebook :
Twitter :
Instagram :

All press enquiries to [email protected]

We’ll have more news and press assets ahead of release, you can join the ThatGuyPR mailing list at :




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The ZombiED are coming… It’s almost time to save the world! 5

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