Overcooked Gameplay: Let’s Play Overcooked – COUCH CO-OP COOKING

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Overcooked Gameplay: Let’s Play Overcooked – COUCH CO-OP COOKING

Overcooked Gameplay is a co-op cooking that brings to mind Gang Beasts if the fighters had decided to open a restaurant together instead of trying to kick each other off Ferris Wheels. Watch Mike and Andy get to grips with it as we attempt to serve up soup on a pirate ship and hamburgers on a pair of moving trucks. Subscribe for more lets plays! Unlike Gang Beasts, Overcooked has at least a semblance of structure. Food has to be prepared in the right order and to customers’ specifications, and dirty dishes need to be cleaned or you’ll have nothing to put new food on. Faster service means more tips and a higher star rating at the end of the level. We assume those are Michelin stars, in which case, I think we’re doing pretty well, thank you very much.


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Overcooked Gameplay: Let's Play Overcooked - COUCH CO-OP COOKING 5

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