Noah Emmerich has been cast as “Dan Peleg" in The Spy

Noah Emmerich has been cast as “Dan Peleg” in The Spy


Noah Emmerich has been cast as “Dan Peleg" in The Spy

Noah Emmerich has been cast as “Dan Peleg" in The Spy.

Noah Emmerich has been cast as “Dan Peleg" in The Spy

Dan is a charming, rumpled and brilliant Mossad trainer. He is wise, wary and stubborn, and has a tendency to blur the boundaries between the personal and professional. He has conflicted feelings about Eli, and is tormented by a mistake he made in the past.

The Spy is a six episode limited series exploring Eli Cohen’s (Sacha Baron Cohen) role as a spy for Israel in Syria in the early 1960s. The limited series will debut globally on Netflix (outside of France), and on OCS in France.

Gideon Raff is writer and director. Légende Films and Alain Goldman are producing.


His numerous credits include memorable roles in THE AMERICANS, THE TRUMAN SHOW, THE WALKING DEAD and LITTLE CHILDREN.


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