NixOS is a modern and flexible GNU/Linux-based distribution

NixOS is a modern and flexible GNU/Linux-based distribution

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NixOS is a modern and flexible GNU/Linux-based distribution


NixOS is a modern and flexible GNU/Linux-based distribution

NixOS is a modern and flexible GNU/Linux-based distribution that is both archaic to install and maddening to set up.

That combination makes NixOS a reach too far for new users. That result may be an unintended consequence for a Linux operating system that is built around a very novel design approach.

It is far more complex than other innovating optionssuch as Qubes Linux, which is designed for heightened security, and rigid Arch Linux distros that lack a graphical user interface for managing installations.

Nix OS has been on my shortlist of Linux distros to try for a while, thanks to numerous requests from readers and colleagues. I was not expecting such a challenge after I survived several reviews of Arch Linux, which is notorious for its high difficulty level for manual installation routines based on a command line interface.

If you are not comfortable typing commands into a terminal window, NixOS is not distro you want to try any time soon. NixOS does nothing to dispell the notion that the Linux OS is for advanced computer geeks only. That assessment clearly fits Nix OS.

A well-documented set of installation instructions does little to help resolve error messages when typed commands fail to execute. Nix OS is not your typical modern Linux distro that installs from a fully functional live session.

Several hours into this trial-and-error manual installation process, I had a basic desktop up and running. I quit there. I had no use for a Linux distro that a was a dog to install, that was minimalistic with its software, and that required lots of hands-on management.

However, your needs might be different. NixOS does offer some high-level advantages not found in more standardized Linux distros.


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