Fort Triumph Launch Trailer ReleaLinux

Fort Triumph Launch Trailer Released

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Fort Triumph Launch Trailer ReleaLinux

LuTurn-based tactical RPG from Cookie Byte Entertainment coming to Steam Early Access April 26th (PC/Linux/Mac)

Fort Triumph Launch Trailer ReleaLinux

Tel-Aviv, Israel, April 20 2018: Hail, Adventurers! Cookie Byte Entertainment are proud to announce their new cinematic trailer for Fort Triumph!

Become a Paladin, Arcanist, Ranger or Savage. Steel yourself for the challenges of Fort Triumph. Are you prepared?


  • Hardcore tactical turn-based gameplay
  • Fully Interactive environments at your disposal
  • Heroes evolving by learning new abilities from their class skill tree
  • Non-linear missions and quests
  • Strategic gameplay and world map exploration

Steam keys

Our treasure chests are still filled with plenty of Steam Keys should you need one! If you would like to lay claim to an Early Access copy of the game, simply reply to this email with the name of your esteemed publication and we will send one your way.

Interview opportunity

The elders of Fort Triumph are at your disposal for the breaking of bread and shaking of hands! If you want to arrange an interview or meeting, please contact us and we will respond to requests on a first-come, first-served basis.

About the developers:

Fort Triumph is developed by Cookie Byte Entertainment. They have been working on the game for almost three years, starting from humble beginnings as a group of three friends working together from home. Over time they grew to become a small team of programmers, artists and writers working from an office located in the heart of Tel Aviv. Fort Triumph was featured in GDC on March 2016 and PAX West on September 2016 and 2017, all through the Indie MegaBooth. On April 2017 following a successful Greenlight run, they launched a successful Kickstarter campaign with over 1400 backers and $78,500 raised.


Steam Early Access: 

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