Capcom Shutting Down Puzzle Fighter

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Capcom Shutting Down Puzzle Fighter

Puzzle Fighter Capcom is closing down administrations for its current portable diversion, Puzzle Fighter. The distributor declared that it will expel the astound diversion from application stores on July 1, while the alternative to burn through cash on in-application buys will be impaired on April 23.

Servers for Puzzle Fighter will keep on operating for a couple of more weeks after the title is re-recorded, however, they will be closed down on July 31, after which point the diversion will never again be playable. Meanwhile, Capcom is putting forth 10,000 diamonds - Puzzle Fighter's in-diversion money - to all players as a thank-you blessing.

The organization is likewise discharging Puzzle Fighter's up and coming characters and stages for nothing. Two new characters, Regina and Dr. Wily, will be added to the amusement later today, April 20, while Ada Wong and a couple of stages- - Darminor and Uroboros Laboratory- - touch base on April 23.

Confound Fighter formally propelled for iOS and Android gadgets in November 2017. It was produced by Capcom Vancouver, the studio best known for the Dead Rising arrangement. As indicated by the distributor, the zombie arrangement calculated into the choice to close down Puzzle Fighter.

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