Sword Fantasy Online Launches in iOS App Store on April 20th

Sword Fantasy Online iOS Trailer

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Sword Fantasy Online iOS Trailer


Sword Fantasy Online The super responsive control allows your action hero to attack, dodge, run, dash and use skills like in a real arcade action games, but with only ONE hand and a lot easier! It’s immensely satisfying when you combo sword art that knocks enemies off the ground then follow with a flurry of strikes to destroy them mid-air! Pick up and play anywhere, we promise every battle will be a pleasure. Besides hack and slash, Sword Fantasy Online is a new fantasy RPG featuring moe anime maidens, online MMORPG's guilds, exquisite high graphics, and fun gameplay. Choose to be a mage or knight, lead your group of moe girls into dozens of boss fights. Form your team tactically, learn bosses’ attack patterns, timing your magic or sword art to achieve victory! We promise it’s designed to be all actions and fun without the grinding of a traditional MMORPG! There are a lot more to do in this anime RPG besides fighting. Chat with friends, join clans, play mini-games, or just go treasure hunting in your spare time! *Casual game player friendly, every hero can be obtained just by playing the game. The game is designed so it can be put down and pick up to play at any moment.* *No Ads*

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