Hello Neighbor updates

Hello Neighbor updates

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Hello Neighbor updates

Hello Neighbor Battlegrounds Announce Teaser

Hello Neighbor updates progress with Hello Neighbor. There are 4¬†separate projects being worked on regarding Hello Neighbor, and I can really talk only about one ūüėÄ

The rest will be revealed in the coming months. And if you wondered if the Hello Neighbor Battlegrounds teaser was an April 1st joke — yes, yes it was. Or was it?¬†¬†

So let’s talk about what I can talk about – the console versions.

Xbox One will be getting a patch soon that’ll bring it to the latest version of Unreal Engine 4, and fix some issues players are having.

Hello Neighbor updates

PlayStation 4 version (release date TBD) is shaping up nicely and will have the same updated code as the upcoming Xbox One patch.

The most interesting developments are surrounding the Switch version. We playtested it at PAXEast (video) a couple of weeks ago. Act 1 and Act 2 run perfectly smoothly, and we’re almost done optimizing Act 3 and shaving off loading times. The best part is that the optimizations from Switch are going to benefit the PS4/Xboxone versions as well.


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