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Zombie Serial Killer Incident | PLAYISM

Zombie Serial Killer Incident is now happening in PLAYISM and STEAM!
The days passed by, quietly and peacefully. But all it took was a seemingly insignificant occurrence to throw everything into chaos. Her small town transformed into a world of terror, crawling with zombies. The zombie hordes appearing everywhere are being systematically decimated before the young girl’s very eyes. Just what is going on…?! An unprecedented tale of click-based action and suspense is about to begin. ~How to Play~ Blow them zombies up real good with a single mouse click! Simple, yet deep―get ready for a new type of zombie shooter! Various types of zombies can be found walking/running/shambling around the screen. Take aim with your trusty shotgun and blow them to bits.


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Zombie Serial Killer Incident | PLAYISM 5

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