Huawei's CloudEdge Solution Wins 2017 China Excellent SDN/NFV Case Award

Huawei’s CloudEdge Solution Wins 2017 China Excellent SDN/NFV Case Award

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Huawei's CloudEdge Solution Wins 2017 China Excellent SDN/NFV Case Award

Huawei's CloudEdge Solution Wins 2017 China Excellent SDN/NFV Case Award

[Beijing, China, April 19, 2018] Huawei CloudEdge won the 2017 China Excellent SDN/NFV Case Award today at the 2018 China SDN/NFV Conference in Beijing. This award recognizes Huawei's CloudEdge for its continuous innovation and development in NFV technology.

Huawei’s CloudEdge solution wins 2017 China Excellent SDN/NFV Case Award

To better promote the commercialization of the SDN/NFV industry in China and share successful commercial deployment cases in the industry, IT168 and C114 jointly select the excellent SDN/NFV cases in 2017, under guidance of the SDN/NFV industry alliance. Huawei CloudEdge has won this award by leveraging China Unicom's Internet of Things (IoT) service innovation cases.

With the emergence of the IoT market, China Unicom has been proactively building IoT networks for diversified, personalized, and complex scenarios. This poses many challenges to the core network. The Huawei CloudEdge is a next-generation MBB solution based on the Cloud Native architecture. It uses control and user plane separation (CUPS) to categorize the IoT gateway P-GW of China Unicom into the centralized gateway (CGW) and distributed gateway (DGW). The DGW is deployed at each province to distribute traffic to the local IoT application server. This deployment decreases round-trip time (RTT) by more than 50% and decreases the backbone network traffic by more than 30%, reducing IoT investment costs and helping China Unicom accelerate IoT service innovation.

At the award ceremony, Xiao Yajun, Deputy General Manager of Huawei Cloud Packet Core, said: "It is a great honor to win this award, which not only represents industry recognition of the Huawei CloudEdge solution, but is also a reward for Huawei's ongoing efforts and innovation. As new application scenarios emerge, Huawei continues working with the industry partners to deploy distributed core networks, helping carriers build 5G all-cloud networks and achieve success.”

Currently, Huawei has obtained more than 350 NFV-based commercial network contracts worldwide, including more than 170 CloudEdge commercial contracts. According to a report released by Global Data, Huawei CloudEdge ranked first in its category. Aiming to lead the all-cloud transformation of the telecom network, Huawei plans to continue working closely with global partners in commercial deployment, standard open sources, and service innovation.


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