ReactOS Project announces the release of version 0.4.8

ReactOS Project announces the release of version 0.4.8

The ReactOS Project is pleased to announce the release of version 0.4.8 as we continue to work on releasing every three months.

As you may know, our previous 0.4.7 version was the first one developed in our Git/GitHub repository. 0.4.8 is the nice sequel and a good way to measure the GitHub impact on the ReactOS project. Since ReactOS reached GitHub, it has been forked 248 times. A nice amount understanding ReactOS is not a framework or a library, but a final product. These forks represent a nice amount of newcomers: translators, designers, coders, and testers. Thanks to all of them, and the ReactOS regular devs, 209 new Pull Requests, and 1094 commits have made it through to this 0.4.8 version.

ISO images are ready in the ReactOS Download page.

Some statistics


The oldest bug reported in Jira and fixed was CORE-5127 (advapi32: OpenTraceA (Sysinternals DiskMon2.01 dies with unhandled exception upon startup).
Since 0.4.7, 340 bugs have been resolved: 211 marked as fixed, 37 as duplicates, 42 as won't fix, 21 as incomplete, 29 as cannot reproduce.
320 bugs fixed were directly related to the operating system, 10 from ReactOS online services, 5 from ReactOS test suite and 5 from ReactOS Build Environment.
Pull Requests committed: 209
Forks: 248

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