San Luis Obispo, California – Brand new game development company Kickflip Studios launches their up-and-coming flagship game Locked Up on Kickstarter. Locked Up is an action RPG that will thrust players into an unfamiliar world where corrupt guards and violent prisoners might just be the least of their worries. Framed for a crime you didn’t commit and imprisoned for life, as the player, you must find a way to escape this seemingly impenetrable arctic prison. Locked Up is currently funding on Kickstarter and is launching on Windows, macOS, Linux, XBOX Live, and Playstation Store.

Founded by CEO of Devslopes, Mark Price, Kickflip Studios aims to be the missing link in transparency and community involvement in the development of games. “We want to stay true to our roots – which is coding and game education,” said Mark. “So Kickflip Studios & Locked Up will be very transparent and open in how we build the game. Basically, we want you to learn how we did it, so you can do the same thing.”

Locked Up proposes RPG class-based prison gameplay with the ability to make choices such as how you escape or what gang you join. Locked Up also gives the player the ability to customize their own character in this mixed-race, mixed gender prison. “We really wanted to simulate what prison would be like and what you would actually need to do to escape,” said game Producer Joshua Ide. “You’ll have to craft tools. Watch guard patterns, and pay attention to all of the small things if you want to escape.”

If you prefer to get physical and win brawls instead of playing stealthily to quietly take down your enemy, you can do that. You might choose to hack computer systems and drones and have them work for you, or you might be diplomatic in your approach and talk your way in or out of various situations. We want to create a game that lets you do this.

Locked Up
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