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San Diego, California – SpriTec Software is now bundling its flagship product SuperTab with its latest product ZipTite. They can be purchased together at a reduced sale price of $12.99, close to 60%-Off their combined retail price of $30.

This bundle lets Mac Users get SuperTab – the award-winning App that allows users to customize the Mac’s built-in Command-Tab App Switcher – together with ZipTite – the new app that is re-defining how users create Zip Archives to share, backup and password-protect their files – for a price that is less than SuperTab normally costs on its own.

SuperTab is ideal for anyone who likes to have everything at their fingertips. With a single key press or mouse action, users have immediate access to:

* Active Applications
* Recent Applications
* Recent Documents
* Application Windows
* Any of their Files and Folders
* Dock Items
* Dropbox Contents
* Clipboard History
* Custom Clipboards
* System Preference Panes
* Tagged & Labeled Items
* Finder Sidebar Items
* Snagit Captures
* Saved Spotlight Searches
* Saved Display Configurations

SuperTab also helps users Manage their applications by automatically hiding, launch and quitting them based on user settings. SuperTab also helps keep folders clutter-free by moving files and folders to a safe keeping folder. Users have full control over what gets moved and when. And SuperTab is highly customizable so each user can tailor it to their own personal tastes and work flow.

ZipTite is ideal for anyone who ever needs to create Zip Archives, back up their files, or simply wants an easy way to share files with others. With ZipTite, users can:

* Drag files to the Menu Bar to Zip them
* Create Password-Protected Zip Archives
* Have ZipTite automatically share Zip Archives

Creating Zips is just the beginning with ZipTite. Its real power is that users can choose where they want each Zip Archive to go after it is created. Users just drop the files to archive onto any of the following Destinations:

* The Desktop
* Alongside the files being archived
* Into a new “Backups” folder
* Into any folder on their Mac
* Into their Dropbox folder with a Share Link automatically added to the Clipboard
* Attached to a new Email
* Attached to a new Text Message
* Shared via Air Drop
* Uploaded to any FTP Server

ZipTite now makes zipping files, password-protecting them, backing them up and even sharing them out a single Drag-and-Drop process. Drag. Zip. Protect. Share.

System Requirements:
* “Sierra” (10.12)
* “El Capitan” (10.11)

Pricing and Availability:
Now users can get both Apps together for the low price of just $12.99 (USD). Plus, with their purchase, user also get free upgrades to all 2.x versions of SuperTab and all 1.x versions of ZipTite. If users would like to try before they buy, they can: both SuperTab and ZipTite come with free 30- and 15-day trials, respectively. The SuperTab + ZipTite Bundle can be purchased on both the SuperTab and ZipTite websites.

SuperTab 2.3
Download SuperTab
SuperTab Screenshots
Download ZipTite
ZipTite Screenshots

Located in San Diego, California, SpriTec Software creates apps for the macOS platform. SpriTec Software is helmed by Ando Sonenblick, an Apple/GoPro/Adobe/DivX veteran with over 30 years of development experience. Copyright (C) 2017 SpriTec Software. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac OS X, macOS, and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. All other trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

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