Martial Towers 1.8 Offers a Physics-Based Artillery Challenge to Players

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Munich, Germany – Independent developer Higgs Games GmbH today is proud to announce the release of Martial Towers 1.8, an update to their entertaining artillery and strategy game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, Android, and Amazon Fire devices. In this game, players need to build a strong castle, improve their weapons, and battle their human or AI opponents in a winner-take-all battle to see who deserves to be called “King.”

Martial Towers offers a cross-platform challenge, allowing players to play against live players on any other device, no matter what platform their smartphone or tablet runs on. The cartoon-style physics-based shooter offers a mix of the arcade fun of “Angry Birds” and the strategic challenge of the popular “Worms” game. While it’s easy enough to just pull back and shoot your weapon, the smart player will take the time to calculate the arc of their shot, placing each one exactly where it will do the most damage. The more damage inflicted, the better reward at the end of the level.

“While many ‘battle’ games require a player to build a ‘clan’ or perform other complicated and somewhat boring tasks before heading into battle, Martial Towers lets player jump right into battle,” said Higgs Games GmbH CEO Joerg-Dieter Leinert. “However, the game isn’t merely a ‘fire your weapons and see what happens’ type of game either. Instead, it also allows players to upgrade their weapons and improve their fortress with every new level.”

Version 1.8 implements two features most requested by players: Removal of automatic zoom at the start of battle, which allows players to attack their opponents faster, and the ability to purchase additional building sites to allow for immediately building a bigger and stronger castle. As always, players will continue to receive a free building site with every second level upgrade. However, the new feature allows players to build an impregnable fortress more quickly.

* Multiplayer action with worldwide leaderboards
* An online profile allows players to track statistics and accomplishments
* Share successful campaigns on popular social networks
* Challenging artillery battles fought in real-time
* Unlock cool weapons and castle parts, receive a free present everyday
* Players fortify their castle and customize it exactly as they wish
* Easy to use controls feature user-friendly one-finger control of slingshots
* Dozens of levels and unlimited PvP battles against a live opponent, or challenging AI

At the heart of Martial Towers is the requirement to build strong towers, obtain the right set of weapons, and upgrade them whenever possible. Players can reposition and improve their building materials and weapons up to 18 times, so strategic planning is an important part of any battle.

The game offers various methods of battle. In Campaign mode, the player competes against NPC castles in a total of 36 single-player missions. The missions are split across three visual scenarios: Forest, Ice World and Lava World. Multi-Player mode offers two ways to battle, Challenge Battle allows any player to attack any player in the game world. (The attacked player is presented with his or her own personal castle, but is controlled by a computer AI.) Live Battle pits live players against each other in real-time, 1-on-1 battles.

Players can earn rewards and bonuses as they wage battle. Coins act as the game’s currency, and they are won by winning battles. They can then be used to purchase in-game items. Diamonds act as the game’s premium currency, and can usually only be purchased via handy in-app purchases. However, the game rewards certain achievements with diamonds, or awards them sometimes as a daily bonus. Diamonds can be used to buy premium items, such as special power-ups and energy. XP & Level indicate the player’s global progress. XP can only be earned in battles. By leveling up, new building blocks and weapons, additional build slots, and higher maximum upgrade levels can be unlocked. Crowns are similar to Trophies in the popular Clash of Clans game, and indicate how successful a player is in player-vs-player battles.

While version 1.8 brings some nice new features, that is only the latest in improvements the developers have continually added to the game. Previous updates have included:

* Improved matchmaking of multiplayer battles (multiplayer is the main use of the game)
* Increased the number of levels from 100 to 130
* Improved balancing (hit and damage points, repair cost)
* Reduced app size for faster download and improved performance
* Localized the game and website, and particularly the FAQs, into 13 languages
* Implemented an in-app-messaging system to inform players about ongoing competition & other news

New players will appreciate Martial Towers on-the-fly tutorial, which helps them hit the ground running by offering up tips and tricks on how to become a strong and successful leader of the realm, becoming the king among all kings. Building a castle is easy to do, but requires strategy. Successful players will take the time to upgrade it with catapults, shields, fireball cannons, and even magicians.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 7.0 or later
* Universal Application
* 266 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Martial Towers 1.8 is free, and is available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category. In-app purchases are available to purchase more diamonds. An Android version is available through Google Play, and an Amazon Fire version is available through the Amazon Appstore.

Martial Towers 1.8
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