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Kiev, Ukraine – Mobile game developer and publisher, Solverlabs today is proud to announce the release of the new version v3.1 of the highly popular multi-platform game “Planet Of Cubes” with the ability to play Minecraft style Survival Massive Multiplayer mode with thousands of other players online globally. Planet Of Cubes is the first Massive Multiplayer Survival and Creative block-building game to feature one global infinite world. The entire game environment is cube-based and shared among players within the world.

You task is to survive with thousands of other players online in the infinite Planet made of Cubes with friendly and hostile mobs. Find resources like cobblestone, wood, sand and different types of ore. Dig and collect various blocks. Craft various tools like pickaxes, hoes and axes to help you progress faster. Craft and use Furnace to create new blocks and items like glass or iron. Build your shelter during the day. Watch out hostile mobs like Zombies and Spiders during the night!

Use online chat to make new friends, build online together and protect your creations against hostile players. Craft weapon and armor and arm yourself to survive in battles with others. Explore infinite Planet in search for rare resources like gold and diamonds. Use Portals to quickly teleport to nearby villages for new resources or just walk to them by foot. <

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