Pentoo 2015.0 RC5 Release

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Pentoo 2015.0 RC5 Release

Pentoo 2015.0 RC5 Release

You know how every security livecd for all history has run as root by default?  Well, as we like to practice what we preach, we here at Pentoo have switched to logging in as a user by default.  So now, when you boot up, you will find yourself logged in as "pentoo" (with sudo access of course).  Even the menu has been completely designed to run sudo automatically *(not actually a new feature) for anything in /sbin or /usr/sbin so you don't get permission errors using the menu for hacking tools.

With a host of new and updated packages we hope you love this Pentoo release more than any previous release.  We take security seriously, not just in keeping our packages up to date, but with system and kernel hardening, and now our latest update to run as a user by default.

Get the new release here:


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