GuixSD 0.11.0 released

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GuixSD 0.11.0 released

GuixSD 0.11.0 released

It is a pleasure to announce the new beta release of GNU Guix and GuixSD, version 0.11.0!

The release comes with USB installation images to install the standalone GuixSD, and with tarballs to install the package manager on top of your GNU/Linux distro, either from source or from binaries.

It’s been 4 months since the previous release, during which 70 people contributed code and packages. The highlights include:

  • New GuixSD system services, including an mcron service, a Dropbear SSH service, and a Dico dictionary service.
  • Infrastructure for whole-system tests.
  • Compression support for guix publish.
  • An Emacs mode to browse package definition locations.
  • GuixSD support for RAID devices.
  • 484 new packages, 678 package updates notably glibc 2.23 and linux-libre 4.7, as well as several bit-reproducibility issues fixed
  • Assorted improvements to all the tool set, many bug fixes and improvements to the manual!

See for details.

About GNU Guix

GNU Guix is a transactional package manager for the GNU system. The Guix System Distribution or GuixSD is an advanced distribution of the GNU system that relies on GNU Guix and respects the user's freedom.

In addition to standard package management features, Guix supports transactional upgrades and roll-backs, unprivileged package management, per-user profiles, and garbage collection. Guix uses low-level mechanisms from the Nix package manager, except that packages are defined as native Guile modules, using extensions to the Scheme language. GuixSD offers a declarative approach to operating system configuration management, and is highly customizable and hackable.

GuixSD can be used on an i686 or x86_64 machine. It is also possible to use Guix on top of an already installed GNU/Linux system, including on mips64el and armv7.


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