5 CRAZIEST Pokemon Go Stories

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5 CRAZIEST Pokemon Go Stories

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Pokemon Go has been a wild ride ever since it became a reality and some of its players probably wished that it never happened at all.
Pokemon Go has been all the rage these days, but who would’ve thought that it would be the driving force behind some of the craziest stories ever?

Weird things have happened ever since Pokemon Go came on the scene. Memorials spots like Ground Zero and Auschwitz have been inappropriately listed as Pokestops, a man’s house is now a gym — but trust me when I say stranger things have happened…like finding a dead body in the river while walking around looking for Pokemon.

Yup, one unsuspecting gamer stumbled upon a dead body in the wee early morning in Wyoming while in search of water Pokemon by the river. Nineteen year old Shayla Wiggins told the local news outlet that she was simply trying to play Pokemon Go when she made this horrifying discovery.

The woman said QUOTE, “I woke up this morning, and I wanted to go get a water Pokemon, so I just got up and went for a little walk, a walk to catch Pokemon.”And believe it or not, this same narrative has happened more than once.
The augmented reality game has only been out for a few weeks and it has already created some of the wildest stories that will definitely make you go, wait, did that actually happen? So, let me save you from asking yourself that question by saying, yes, all of these things actually happened.

Another unbelievable story is a girl who blamed the game for causing her to get hit by a car in the middle of the road. That’s right, 15-year-old Autumn Deiseroth blamed the game for making her cross the street to catch. A. Pokemon. So, here’s what happened when the 15-year-old teen was playing the game near an intersection 20 miles outside of Pittsburgh.

Autumn told the local news station WTAE that after she crossed the street to catch the Pokemon she was going after; she then turned around to go back the way she came and was hit by a car that was turning onto the street she was crossing. WTAE reported that Autumn blames the game for taking her into an area she would never venture otherwise. The article does not state if Autumn was aware of her surroundings when she was crossing the street. So either way, it could’ve been lack of awareness from both ends. If the driver and Autumn were both paying attention to their surroundings, none of this would’ve happened.

Aside from the first story, a lot of the craziest stories surrounding Pokemon Go have everything to do with paying attention to everything around you. Take this poor woman for instance. While she was in labor, her husband sat idly by playing Pokemon and even took a picture of a Pidgey near her bedside. But don’t worry, the adorable couple are still happily together.

Her husband explained to Buzzfeed that after he told her there was a Pidgey near her and showed her the picture, his wife’s reaction wasn’t too bad. He said QUOTE, “She kind of just laughed at it. It was primarily an eyeroll once she realized what I was doing.” While this story had a happy ending, the other two…eh not so much.

In order to catch Pokemon in Pokemon Go, your eyes pretty much have to be glued to the screen and you have to pay attention if you want to be successful at catching one of these pocket monsters. Well, these three teens allegedly took the fact that players would be distracted by the game and used it to their advantage. They reportedly used lures, which is an item in the game that is placed a Pokestop to basically LURE more Pokemon into an area, to bait unsuspecting victims to the stop that they were hanging out at, only to rob them in the middle of their game.

And then there’s the story of a man from Forest Grove, Oregon who was stabbed by playing Pokemon Go but refused to seek immediate treatment. Michael Baker told ABC 13 that he was simply walking around playing the game when he encountered a man who he thought was also playing the game.

1. Girl stumbles upon dead body
2. Girl gets hit crossing the street
3. Man played the game while wife was in labor
4. Armed robbers lured unsuspecting gamers to Pokestop with a lure
5. Man gets stabbed and refuses treatment

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