Melissa McCarthy CONFIRMS Return to Gilmore Girls on Ellen!


Melissa McCarthy CONFIRMS Return to Gilmore Girls on Ellen!

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HOLD THE PHONE, STOP THE PRESSES, GRAB YOUR A-S-S’s because our dreams have come true y’all – Melissa Mccarthy is coming back to the Gilmore Girls!
Am I alive? I don’t think my heart is beating…seriously though. I’ve watched the entire Gilmore Girls series at least 6 times all the way through and MY DREAMS ARE LITERALLY COMING TRUE.
So in case you missed the memo, the best TV show of all time (Gilmore Girls – duh) is coming back thanks to 4 new movies that will air on Netflix. Up until now, we’ve known that the entire cast is reuniting for the dream event EXCEPT Melissa McCarthy. Which we get – I mean, she has a very busy career but you know that thing when something is basically perfect except it’s missing something – well that’s how the Gilmore Girls fandom has felt about a reunion without Sookie (ya know, Melissa McCarthy). I mean – how are we going to find out what’s up with Jackson, Davey and the rest of the fam without Sookie. PLUS, you can’t have the Dragonfly without Sookie – it just doesn’t make sense. Well, thank GOD, Melissa just stopped by the Ellen show to announce that she will be on the 4-part-Netflix series and honestly, it makes me next-level happy to see that she’s clearly as excited about it as I am:
ERMERGERD!!!!! Guys, full disclosure I just watched that clip like 50 times because I’m a psychopath and sorry I’m not sorry. Also – guys, I think you need to go see Melissa’s movie “The Boss” because it’s hilarious and also because of this:
I’m sorry I just still can’t believe Melissa loves azzesories as much as I do. But enough about me – I want to hear from you. Are you lowkey losing your mind over the exicting news that Melissa is headed back to Stars Hollow or are you just flying the freak flag like me and not willing to hide your pure joy? Hit us up in the comments to join the convo and then click here to what happened when Nicki Minaj stopped by the Ellen show yesterday. And dudes – thanks for watching! I’m Joslyn Davis at Clevver headquarters and yall have an awesome weekend!


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