elementary Loki Beta 2 is here

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 elementary Loki Beta 2 is here

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 elementary Loki Beta 2 is here

Even though it’s only been a short month since Beta 1, we’ve already fixed over 70 issues that testers have reported to us. Beta 1 testers, make sure to run your updates to receive the following fixes plus everything else listed on this page:

Some of the fixes listed are configuration changes and will not be available to Beta 1 testers as updates. In order to receive the full list of fixes, we highly recommend doing a clean install to test Beta 2.

Ayatana Indicators

We’ve received feedback from a whole lot of you that the apps you use on a daily basis still rely on the ayatana indicator spec. We hear you loud and clear. As of Beta 2, wingpanel-indicator-ayatana will be installed by default. This compatibility layer should give you access to apps still making use of the ayatana indicator spec.

In the future, we’d love to see developers taking advantage of the FreeDesktop desktop actions spec and not relying on cluttering up the panel area to display quick actions. We hope to see apps like Redshift taking advantage of the new Wingpanel API to create native indicators with symbolic icons and richer layouts. We hope that media players adopt the MPRIS standard to display in the sound indicator. But until we get developers on board, we recognize the need for this compatibility layer.

What Now?

Now that Loki Beta has been publically released, you’re probably wondering what the next steps are before the final release. You can read a bit more detail about our release cycle in this previous post, but the short version is that it’s time to tackle the RC 1 milestone. This milestone includes issues related to the final cleanup, any remaining regressions, and issues reported to us by Beta testers.

Reporting Problems

We’d like to point the beta testers to our bug reporting guide. Good reports help us fix issues faster and we’d love to help make sure that developers get the information they need. Also please don’t forget to read the list of known issues. Remember that this is a beta test and there are several issues that the team is already aware of and actively addressing.

Intel Mouse Cursor Bug

As a reminder to everyone, the cursor disappearing after locking is a known issue and it occurs upstream in the Intel driver. There is already a report for it here. Developers know about the issue and are working to address it. You do not need to report this issue or add any new information to the report.

Submitting Translations

If you’re a translator, now is a great time to get involved. Loki is feature-complete, so from now until final stable release, the only changes being made are bug fixes. There should not be any forthcoming changes to user-facing text in the desktop. Our diligent Internationalization team has done a great job this cycle making sure Loki will be the most accurately localized release of elementary OS ever. We’d appreciate your help too.

Download it already!

Loki Beta 2 is available from our developer page: https://elementary.io/developer

We’d like to take a moment to say thanks again to everyone supporting us with funding. As you can see from the above link, many of the issues fixed for Beta 2 were bountied on Bountysource. Your support directly enables us to pay developers to work on open source software and distribute it worldwide!

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