All-New Makes Its Debut

All-New Makes Its Debut


All-New Makes Its Debut

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All-New Makes Its Debut

To our loyal PREVIEWS Insiders (and new fans just checking us out!):

We’re really excited about the changes we’ve implemented at and we’re hoping you’ll share in our excitement.

Today we launched an ALL-NEW version of the site– and not only is it a better looking, but we’ve added in a lot of new functionality that will make it easier for you to find the products coming to comic book shops that you want to view! One of the most important features is the site is now truly, mobile friendly. Yes, you can now check us out on your phone with ease!

But that’s not all. Let’s go over some of the other new features you’ll find.


We’ve added in search functions to a few different areas. First, you can hit the search icon at the top and search the entire site, which will give you any new releases out this week, any preorder items in this month’s catalog, as well as any articles/interviews we’ve done at about those products. You’ll also find search on our New Releases page that allows you to search title, by publisher, and even different categories! Just want to search for new Batman Toys coming out? It’s easy, just select the category toys and search Batman and you’ll get the latest items. You’ll also find search on the Catalog page as well, where you can search the entire preorder catalog of PREVIEWS.


Yep, you read that right! Now we’re showing you the entire items in this month’s PREVIEWS Preorder Catalog! You can view, search and do more than ever to find the products you want to preorder at your local comic shop. Plus, we’re working on more functionality for the future that will make it even easier for you to place orders with your local shop.

New Views

We’ve added new gallery views to our New Releases and Catalog pages that will make them easier to find the products you want. You can look at items in list view or gallery view. You’ll also find that it’s easier to find any PREVIEWS Prevues of comic books that we have available as well.

New Weekly Releases: More and Earlier!

We’ve moved up when our final New Weekly Releases for the following week is available to 8:00am on Wednesdays. So not only is it a better looking view for the page, but you get it earlier! Plus, you can also review the past 10 weeks of new weekly releases to see what you missed.

Share, Share, Share

We’ve added sharing buttons to every article and product page, so you can share them with ease to your friends and followers.

The All-New is out today – now mobile friendly and viewable on your desktop, tablet, and phone!

We hope you find the All-New PREVIEWSworld site impressive, helpful, and easy to use. As always, please let us know any feedback you have.




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