Fantasy Football News & Notes | FNTSY Sports today


Fantasy Football News & Notes | FNTSY Sports today

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Chris Meaney is joined by Eric Balkman of FFPC to discuss some of the recent news around the NFL. Can Trevor Siemian really be the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos? Is Devin Funchess more valuable than Kelvin Benjamin in fantasy drafts? Should Todd Gurley be the 1st overall pick? Find out all that and more here!

FNTSY Sports Network has your fantasy sports mock drafts, draft strategy, previews and analysis for MLB, NHL, NBA and NFL, including fantasy football 2016 and fantasy baseball 2016. Subscribe for 24/7 fantasy sports news and dominate your league!

Whether you’re getting ready for your fantasy football draft or playing DraftKings and FanDuel, we have you covered with original content like the Pat Mayo Hour, Game Time Decisions, FNTSY Sports Today, Out Of My League and more.


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