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The Walking Dead Season 7


The Walking Dead Season 7

The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere Date

While there is no official word on when The Walking Dead season 7 will premiere, we can make a VERY educated guess. The show has traditionally premiered the Sunday of New York Comic Con. NYCC 2016 will run from Oct. 6-9, which probably means thatseason 7 will premiere on Oct. 9, 2016.

Spoiler warning for anyone who hasn’t yet watched Season 6 of The Walking Dead or read through the corresponding arc of the comic book series, as a lot of that is covered here.



When Will The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere?

At the time of this writing, AMC hasn’t yet given a shout-out over the walkie-talkie to let anybody know when Season 7 will arrive on our televisions. But it doesn’t take magick in order to divine the answer – or at least a confident estimation – from the universe. For the past four years, The Walking Dead has kicked its seasons off on the second Sunday in October, just in time for AMC’s Halloween-themed marathons. So if we were in Vegas (or whatever basement casino ends up being opened up in Alexandria or the Hilltop a couple of years down the road), I would put almost all of my money on Sunday, October 9, being the date chosen for Season 7 to begin, while saving just a bit of cash for Sunday, October 16, which is the same date that Season 2 started. Expect an announcement to come this summer.



What Have We Seen From Season 7 So Far?

With the impending premiere still a ways off, AMC has yet to deliver anything from Season 7 to fans, and an increased push to demolish spoilery leaks has put secrecy above all else. But don’t you worry your walker-filleting heart, because we’ll have something before you know it. And then before you know that, AMC will have released 1,700 teasers, trailers, clips and motion posters, and it will take all your willpower not to create your own footage using popsicle sticks for characters. What can we use as a tiny eyepatch or bandage for Stick Carl?




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