Steam summer sale revenues rise nearly 50% year-over-year

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Steam summer sale revenues rise nearly 50% year-over-year

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Steam summer sale revenues rise nearly 50% year-over-year

Valve wrapped up its latest Steam sale event on Monday, and now Steam Spy creator Sergey Galyonkin reports that (based on Steam Spy data) developers actually earned more in this sale than in the same event a year prior.

That’s notable for two reasons: First, because the numbers themselves are interesting. According to Galyonkin, during the latest Steam summer sale (which ran for roughly 11 days between June 23rd and July 4th) the platform saw roughly $236 million in revenue generated from sales of roughly 37 million games.

That’s a nearly 50 percent increase from the $160 million in revenue Steam Spy reported during last year’ Steam summer sale, which also ran for roughly 11 days but wrapped up prior to July 4th, traditionally celebrated as a holiday in the United States that merits a long weekend off work.

Second, last year’s Steam summer sale featured “flash deals” in which select games went on sale for a much deeper discount than usual, for a limited time, seemingly to encourage impulse buys.



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