YouTubers Revealed As Owners Of CS:GO Gambling Site They Promoted Without Disclosure

YouTubers Revealed as Owners of CS:GO Gambling Site They Promoted Without Disclosure


YouTubers Revealed as Owners of CS:GO Gambling Site They Promoted Without Disclosure


Fandom Fare  –  Popular YouTubers ProSyndicate (Tom Cassell) and TmarTn (Trevor Martin) have been engulfed by aCounter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) betting scandal after it was revealed they own a weapon skin gambling site that’s featured prominently on their channels.

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The site in question,, allows users to gamble with their CS:GO weapon skins, which have significant monetary value and can be sold for cash on third-party storefronts.

Skins are turned into chips by the site, with values based on a variety of Steam Analyst-determined desirability factors such as novelty, rarity, aesthetics, wear quality, and pattern orientation.

Users can then wager their skins against other players in “game pools,” before a slot machine style system picks a winner — who walks away with every single skin in that pool — at random.

CSGOLotto retains an 8 percent house edge on each round, meaning Cassell and Martin are directly profiting from a site they’ve repeatedly plugged.

To give you an idea of just how much money is being wagered on CSGOLotto and other sites like it,Bloomberg recently reported that around 3 million people bet $2.3 billion worth of CS:GO skins in 2015 alone.

It’s a figure that shows the scale of the industry, and one that prompted one player to file a class-action lawsuit against Valve for allegedly profiting as a result of unregulated gambling operations.

For their part, both Cassell and Martin — who have a combined YouTube subscriber count of well over 10 million — have featured CSGOLotto in a number of videos with titles such as “HOW TO WIN $13,000 IN 5 MINUTES (CS:GO Betting)” and “WINNING BIG $$$$!! (CS:GO Betting).”

Until now, those videos might’ve seemed innocent enough, however research conducted by YouTubersHonorTheCall and H3H3 has revealed Martin and Cassell each have a stake in the company, and serve as its president and vice president, respectively.


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