Pac-Man 256 Might Be the Craziest Arcade Game on PS4

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Pac-Man 256 Might Be the Craziest Arcade Game on PS4

This frantic multiplayer score attack game has us completely hooked. Come see why.


Fandom Fare  –  There are people who ask why retro games keep getting developed and iterated upon. We still have the classics, and they’re more readily available than ever, so why do we need more of them? In some cases, it might be better to let some franchises die. This feels like a common complaint against theSonic series, but I think that’s more Sega’s development teams not knowing what makes a Sonic game good (and loving bottomless pits too much). But interestingly, it’s Pac-Man that’s showing how a series can iterate and advance decades after its arrival. Pac-Man Championship Edition DX [$4.99] was a recent fantastic example of how to advance and iterate the yellow dot-muncher’s familiar maze-based gameplay. Now, Pac-Man 256[Free] from Crossy Road [Free] developers Hipster Whale, with the help of 3 Sprockets of Cubemen [$0.99 (HD)] fame and Bandai Namco, shows that you can teach an old Pac-Man new tricks. The developers who advanced the Frogger formula into a definitive mobile experience, have done so again with Pac-Man.

The gist of the game is essentially Pac-Man meets Crossy Road, in that you’re trying to advance ever forward through endless levels, with a persistent threat trying to catch up to you. Instead of dangerous roads, you have an endless maze to keep advancing through. Instead of the eagle, you have the infamous level 256 glitch from the original arcade Pac-Man trying to consume you. It’s a very different threat from the eagle, in that it’s more of a presence, not something that will suddenly come and get you. It’s there, and so are the ghosts. They all have common behaviors that will torment you and drive you crazy every time they get you, but they can be exploited. Oh, and they can be eaten if you get power pellets. You probably know Pac-Man rules, and Pac-Man 256 doesn’t mess with them too much.

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