‘Frantic Shooter’ Review

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‘Frantic Shooter’ Review

Fandom Fare  –  A lot of shooters on smaller devices utilize an auto-fire system, and that’s just what Frantic Shooter does here. But the developers take it a step further, implementing a relatively controversial automatic aiming system. It has the propensity to get in the way at times, especially during some hectic moments where you absolutely need to shoot a high priority enemy in a specific area but can’t, but for the most part it does work. The game isn’t a slouch in the sense that it doesn’t detect foes, and just about any direction you need, you can influence by swiping towards that part of the screen.

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And swiping is what you’ll be doing constantly. Your avatar can be moved bit by bit with a short, concise drag, or flung across the room with a big concerted flick. It’s both funny and effective, having your character comically dodge bullets like that, and after just five minutes with the concept I was ready to go. With a few exceptions on later levels, I found the mechanics to work just fine.

Thankfully enemies are varied enough to spice things up, as are the hazards. One of my favorites in the latter category are these giant spiked totems of sorts, which not only serve as a means to block off zones, but also double as laser canons that fire telegraphed shots out into the arena. Enemy placements are also telegraphed and visible even if they’re off-screen by way of an easy to identity icon. So things get hectic, but not unfairly so if you’re always watching.




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