Coregrounds is a multiplayer tower defense game

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Coregrounds is a multiplayer tower defense game

Coregrounds is a multiplayer tower defense game

nolife labs is pleased to announce the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for the final sprint towards the release version of Coregrounds, a competitive cross-platform online strategy game where tower defense gameplay meets the strategic diversity of a MOBA.

“We at nolife labs are convinced that the gaming public will love Coregrounds as much as we do”, says Mario Kaiser, team lead and creator of Coregrounds. “This Kickstarter campaign will help us redesign the game and create new graphics to make Coregrounds’ visuals as appealing as its gameplay.”

Coregrounds currently playable in browsers across platforms and has been in open beta for the past 12 months. During this phase, the team has been polishing the gameplay, added more content and made sure that the game is balanced well and viable for eSports, which they proved with a championship last autumn. After perfecting the gameplay, the is now working on the release version of the game, which will not only include entirely new graphics, but also vastly improve the user experience and thus maximize its audience. The release version of the free-2-play game will be coming to PC, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS in Q1/2017.




Coregrounds is a multiplayer tower defense game; being competitive at its core, it is captivating and rewarding not only to play, but also to watch. From epic fails to perfect plays, from minion rushes to slow pushes and from all-in tower attacks to sneaky backdoors Coregrounds delivers an exciting esport experience and yet radiates an indie charm.


Coregrounds went into the open beta in march 2015, and has evolved into an awesome competitive indie game and an aspriring eSport. The next steps apart from growing the playerbase are native apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.


  • MOBA meets Tower Defense: competitive strategy game
  • Played 1v1 on a small battlefield, action is guaranteed
  • Dozens of units drafted into builds at the the start of each match
  • Multiplatform: currently available for browsers – native apps in development


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