Motif Mask – Original puzzle game experience, bolstered by Native American-theme

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Motif Mask – Original puzzle game experience, bolstered by Native American-theme


FANDOM Fare –  Omi Studio is proud to introduce a complete original Puzzle game experience via their latest release, Motif Mask.

Each Motif Mask stage is art in its purest form. Players take role of the builder, the crafter, the artist and to recreate the original pattern by stacking layers of artwork on top of each other. Over a hundred puzzles, inspired by the great Native American culture, are available to play.

Players are test to the extreme their brainpower, their dexterity, their speed, and creativity with Motif Mask. Each time a pattern is recreated, a piece of history is reborn.

·       CHALLENGE two different game modes:
o   Classic Mode: Race against the clock & match as many patterns as you can in under 1 minute. Puzzle are getting progressively harder the more you solve them.
o   Arcade Mode: Or a perfectionist’s nightmare. Beat puzzles without messing up, once. Think it’s no hard task solving a 3-layer pattern? How about solving a 7-layer pattern in one try?
·       SOLVE patterns & motifs inspired by great cultures around the world. DISCOVER the beauty of Native American culture in the first edition of Motif Mask. More puzzle packs to follow.
·       OVER 100 unique, hand-drawn, beautifully personalized patterns.

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